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Kofångare Modul SMITTYBILT XRC M.O.D (Mittsektion)

Kofångare Modul SMITTYBILT XRC M.O.D (Mittsektion)

  • AD5030


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Center section of front steel bumper Smittybilt XRC M.O.D.

  • made of 3/16" steel
  • designed to increase approach angle 
  • very solid d-ring mounts
  • built-in winch plate (up to 15000 lbs)
  • double powder coated
  • d-ring sold separately

Modular fron bumper system Smittybilt XRC M.O.D adapts to conditions you are driving!

Accessories available to center section:

  • mid width end plates
  • full width end plates with anti-fog lights
  • bull bar
  • stinger